About Us

Gravity Films is a creative content and video production agency that uses authentic storytelling to put a beating heart behind your projects. We approach your content with the eye of a documentarian and the mind of a strategic storyteller. This perspective is the catalyst for us to convey the natural power of relatable human interactions and bare, unscripted truth. The results create real and powerful human connections.

We Are Organic

Our approach relies on drawing out the authenticity that comes from real people. We shy away from using paid talent if there’s a real-life example we can harness. We also don’t rely too heavily on scripting. By engaging real people, the audience sees a real person on the screen, not just a talking head.

We Are Flexible

One thing clients love about Gravity Films is our “plug and play” nature. Of course we gather input at every turn, but we pride ourselves on being able to seamlessly work as part of your team. We understand deadlines and focus on making the process easy, and even fun, for our clients.

We Are Professional

In the end, our mantra is short. On time. On budget. We get stuff done. By bringing to bear our collective strengths, we are able to do for clients what they value the most: create lasting, deeply felt, emotional connections with the people they care about.

Featured Projects

At Gravity Films, we strive to constantly be getting better. Here are some of our favorites thus far.

Tai + Chris

Abby + Lane

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