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A Few Words About Us

Gravity Films is a creative content and film production agency that uses authentic storytelling to put a beating heart behind your projects. We approach your content with the eye of a documentarian and the mind of a strategic storyteller. This perspective is the catalyst for us to convey the natural power of relatable human interactions and bare, unscripted truth. The results create real and powerful human connections.

The Beginnings

Founded in 2014, Gravity Films was ultimately birthed out of passion for film and a desire to create authentic content. We believe that every story is worth sharing, and our hope is that the quality of your story aligns with the quality of our work.

Our Philosophy

Every film is a story with a climax and a destination. The stories we convey begin through the unbiased eye of the naked lens. They come to life in the setting, lighting, expressions, and conversations that draw people in. Capturing these elements and subtleties requires patience, practice, and talent. That’s what we’re here for.

Meet Our Specialists

Gravity Films is a film production and content agency. We are a tight knit group of visual storytellers, made up of artists, journalists and cinematographers who came together to create authentic experiences.


Chris Anderson

With over 15 years of experience in the film industry, I am as passionate as ever to show the beauty in every story we tell. My wife and two kids are my world and they fuel me to continue striving to be the best husband, father and provider I can be.

Zach Karson

"Stories are data with a soul" - Brene Brown.
With every project I attempt to capture the soul of a story through the use of film. I am so grateful that everyday is a new challenge and adventure in this business!

Our Principles

Be honest and be truthful
Go wherever the story leads us
We’re not satisfied until you are
Every story is worth sharing


Let’s talk about how we can film your next project.

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